My First Akashic Reading

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to have my akashic record read.  So what is an akashic reading, you say?  Well, the information that your soul records and carries with it over lifetimes is kept in it’s akashic record.  It’s not like a notebook, but a vibrational recording of happenings, moments, history, and the journey of your soul.

Now, I’ve had readings done before, but never on the level of akashic record reading – so I really wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand.  I also feel, that with money being tight, it’s important to go with someone you trust – whether it’s someone you know personally, or someone who has been highly referred to you.  This is why I chose Sue Krebs from Soul Speaking.

I came into the session not really knowing what to expect.  You can start by asking a question or just let whatever comes – bubble up.  I chose to be bubbled!    I figure if there’s something there that needs to be heard, I’m all ears!  Well, funny thing, is that what needed to be heard was something that had been weighing on my mind.  Go figure!  I won’t go into detail of the session, but I will say it was informative, fascinating, and after a couple days of listening to it again (she records the session so you an replay it!!!) and processing the information – I can remove the blocks I’ve had in place and continue upon my own personal journey.  I can get myself back on track now.  It’s really odd that I had a persistent issue – a mental block if you will – and had no real idea of where it originated from until this reading.  Now that I know where it comes from, it can be better dealt with.  Oftentimes we’re so enmeshed in our own mental garbage that we don’t realize the extent to which it inhibits our growth.  That is probably the best thing that came from my akashic reading.  The ability to not only identify a nagging issue, but to then also be provided with the tools to fix it – by myself!   The akashic reading, remember, is the record of your souls vibrational energy – it’s journey.  So by tapping into that, you learn the how’s and why’s of the things you are experiencing right now.

I would say to anyone curious about akashic readings, anyone on  the fence?  Go for it, it’s a very cool experience.  It’s one of those things that you not only listen to, but you can literally feel – you can feel the energy during the reading.  Sue from Soul Speaking came highly recommended to me, and now I in turn can highly recommend her as well.  If you’re looking for answers, you might as well go straight to the source… they are within, and an akashic reading will bring that info out.

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Sue Krebs (website)


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2 thoughts on “My First Akashic Reading

  1. Sue KrebsNo Gravatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Sheila! I truly appreciate your support and value your recommendation!
    Many blessings to you!


  2. annaNo Gravatar

    Oh Sheila! I am so glad you experienced one! I have had like 4 and they are FANTASTIC. In fact, I can remember shifting my energy and focus SPECIFICALLY based on Sue’s information she gave me and my life has been more and more abundant. Thank you for sharing <3 May you unravel & decode the mystery! <3 Anna


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