Clear Your Head. Give That Chatter The Day Off.


It is very important to clear your head daily.  That chatter will  drive you bonkers and make it so you don’t use the precious time in your day in a conducive way.  Those stories that roll about in our brains, sometimes conversations about what we’d love to say to “so-in-so”, or bouts of unnecessary worry swirling around – these are simply a waste of space in our brains.

Find a bit of time daily to slip into some quiet space.  If you are scoffing right now saying yeah right, like I have time for that - well I’m telling you, it is important that you MAKE the time!  Not only is finding some quiet important for you, it is important for all those that are around you.  Attitudes have a ripple effect and one bad one can spoil a whole bunch of peoples days.    So quiet that chatter in your head, give it the day off!  Replace it with meditation or music… or good old fashioned silence.

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One Response to Clear Your Head. Give That Chatter The Day Off.

  1. Hi Sheila,
    Silence and calmness helps to enjoy every moment of your life.To dis identify yourself from your immediate situation.When we are silent lwe ook at our thoughts and feelings from a detached distance.All issues are minor issues finally in life.It is good to remember calmness is the real sweetness of this moment in life.
    Meditaion and silence helps heal alot inside.


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