My New Book is Here! Chorus of Souls


“It is not the Universe conspiring against you – it is the Universe conspiring with you”

Our soul (our pure consciousness) is like the chorus of a song. It is the most powerful area of our structure, repeating itself over and over again. Not unlike the chorus of a song, the soul consciousness carries our message and expresses our main theme in the life we are here to live.

CHORUS OF SOULS is a guide for cultivating a healthy spiritual practice, a guide to a harmonious and happy life, and a guide to heal a sick soul. We all have the tools within ourselves to heal our soul and to live life in harmony and happiness.

Chorus of Souls delves into many areas including the actual benefits of meditation and prayer, arriving and departing souls, vibrational energy, how to forgive and the importance of forgiving, how we are all connected, and many more topics to nourish, strengthen, and heal your soul.

Transforming sacred and ancient knowledge into a clear and concise road map for the reader, Burke will inspire you to think, speak, and live authentically. Reacquaint yourself with your spirit through CHORUS OF SOULS.


Pre-orders are available through Amazon right now, and it will be released Jan 2014
Reserve your copy now while Amazon is running their holiday sale!

Pre-Order Here
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4 Responses to My New Book is Here! Chorus of Souls

  1. Galen PearlNo Gravatar says:

    Your book sounds wonderful and I love the title. It sounds very much like what I have been doing, especially this year. I stopped by to say hi and thank you for all the good energy you put out there. I have posted my last blog post and I hope you’ll stop by. Thank you.


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Galen! It’s been a long time! Nice to see you again!


  2. Congratulations on your new book Sheila!! Can’t wait to read it!!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks so much Betsy!


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