Slow Down and Absorb The World.

“By slowing down we open our hearts to the world around us; we absorb more in its true form.  We are able to appreciate the little things that have gone unnoticed, and open up our world again to the things that are important… or maybe not important at all.”
~excerpt from “Booyah! Spirit”

Allow yourself some time just for you every single day.  There is nothing more beneficial for your mind and body then relaxation.  It’s so simple yet many people don’t make the time!  You might think you are too busy, but I say poppycock!  (did I really just say poppycock?)  Everyone can locate just 10 minutes in every day to take a breather, relax, or meditate.  Sitting down and watching a t.v. show doesn’t count, the relaxing I am referring to is taking your mind off everything else and focusing on YOU. Go outside and sit by yourself; take a quick walk, gaze at the stars, or watch the clouds roll by.  Every time those real world thoughts or troubles creep into your mind, push them aside and focus just on what you are doing at that very moment.

Start with just 10 minutes daily and before you know it you will work your way up to 30 minutes or even an hour or so!  You will feel the difference right away and come to love your new found me-time!  The world will open to you when you allow yourself to slow down and enjoy it!

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14 thoughts on “Slow Down and Absorb The World.

  1. Vidya SuryNo Gravatar

    Excellent advice and very relevant for today’s rushed lifestyle.

    For most people, just the thought of taking even five minutes off is overwhelming. I am recalling the days when my grandmother was alive and our family just sat together in the evenings, chatted, read or listened to music together – all eight of us. Then at 7 pm, we would wash our feet and pray in the prayer room together while the men had their own prayer ritual (related to the “sacred thread”). Around 8 pm, we would all sit down to have dinner together. After all that was cleared up, some radio – and then, 9.30,-10.00 pm, everyone would retire to bed, as the women woke up at 4.30 am and the men, an hour later :-)

    Do you know, Sheila, we had our first refrigerator in 1983 and our first television (black and white) in 1982? During my childhood, we did not have fans in our house – our building was built in such a way that the ventilation took care of air circulation.

    Feels so good to think of the journey we’ve made and the milestones we’ve crossed!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Vidya Sury,
    That IS quite a journey! I’ve never not had a refrigerator or a television. I remember at age 4 watching the moon landing on an old junky black and white tv filled with static. lol.

    I love your stories and comments, they are so refreshing!
    thank you!


  2. BetsyNo Gravatar

    Slowing down is my whole theme for the year! I’ve started waking up earlier to get an extra hour in the morning before I go to work. I’m also trying not to multi-task so much. I try to walk outside every night around sunset to stop and take a look and breathe.

    Great post Sheila!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks Betsy! I go outside a couple times every night and check out the stars! You should see them tonight, my gosh, so clear and twinklie out there! I love it!


  3. JenNo Gravatar

    did you REALLY say poppycock??? lol!

    Yes, a great reminder, Sheila. I just drove home from a gig, and couldn’t even see the lines in the highway it was so snowy. I had to PHYSICALLY slow down, and remember to keep one focus….driving safe.

    Tomorrow, I will be forced to slow down. We are FINALLY getting hit with a huge storm. I don’t teach tomorrow, so I intend to curl up next to a warm fire place, drink tea, and take a day reading, blogging, and playing music. AHHHH..
    Enjoy those stars. I see twinkling too, just when the spotlight is on with the snow flying.


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Ughhh I can’t stand driving when you can’t see the lines in the snow! Makes me so nervous.

    Have a relaxing day in your snowstorm! We’re having a weird winter here, hardly any snow at all. Just a few inches here and a few inches there. No big ones yet! Totally strange.


  4. AffirmingSpiritNo Gravatar

    Sheila, I remember my days as a single mother hearing how important it was for mothers to have regular breaks from the kid(s) and time to themselves. I had no idea what they were talking about, and doubted it, until I started noticing how much calmer I was after my son had spent the weekend at his Dad’s house. I was genuinely *happy* to see my son when he returned, and I was much more patient. It made me a happier person and a much better Mom.

    @Liz, no – time in front of the TV doesn’t cut it. Give yourself a few minutes a day alone in nature and you’ll get it!

    Being is nature is like resetting all the nerve-endings in your body, in addition to sunshine and fresh air, it does the body-mind-spirit *good*!

    Many blessings,


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    I know, when my kids were little I thought people were crazy for wanting time by themselves. Maybe not so much for wanting it but for actually doing it. Oh if I knew then what I know now. A whole lot of frustration could have been avoided!

    Have a terrific day, Nancy!


    AffirmingSpiritNo Gravatar Reply:

    Omigosh, @Sheila, I can see an entire book of wisdom mothers wish they knew when their little ones were small! 😉

    For any of your blog-readers who feel the creative pull when they slow down and go outside, they might be inspired by seeing how environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy creates art “in the moment” with found leaves, twigs, feathers, stones, icicles, etc… (his work is so temporary, he photographs it when completed, then lets nature take its course). Some of his art is simple and some of it quite complex, all of it makes you take notice and ask, “how did he do THAT?”.

    Many blessings,


    Paige - simple mindfulnessNo Gravatar Reply:


    While those are days of the past for you guys, I’m in the middle of life with my three little ones, ages 2, 5 and 7. I work at home with them and sometimes reminisce about the days BK (before kids) when I got up early and enjoyed a peaceful yoga practice followed by a 30 minute meditation and other quiet times throughout my day. Ahhh. CRASH! Oh, that was just the kids playing around me to wake me from my dream. 😉

    Today my yoga practice is whenever I can fit it in during my day with the kids hanging on me. Meditation is maybe 5 minutes with the kids in my lap. Since we co-sleep, the 2 year old gets up with me no matter how early I try to rise.

    Every now and then I can get my husband to take all three kids with him for the day to give me some quiet time. Like you, Nancy, I LOVE seeing their faces when they get home and I’m a much happier, calmer mom. I can tell such a difference when I get more than 5 minutes of quiet time to myself.

    But I know these days are fleeting and they’ll all grow up before I know it. So I adapt and do what I can each day and take a few deep breaths along the way.

    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Paige – simple mindfulness,
    :) what a great comment, thanks for taking the time to share that!

    I sooooo wish I knew the tools that were within me to have some me time when my kids were young. Ughhh I had so many stressful times back then. Now? OMG I just love every moment! (oh my gosh, not to make that sound like I didn’t love every moment back then! I did, it was just rolled in stress. lol)

    And yes, my gosh they grow SO fast! My baby is 17 now and getting ready to graduate and head off to college in the fall. And as much as I love my kids… I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the empty nest. :)

    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Okay you always find the coolest things online! Thank you! I wonder if I can teach my husband to create like this! You know… make his masterpiece and then leave it to nature… 😉 Wink and smile. lol. But no really, thanks for the link, that is so cool!
    Have a great weekend!! ~Sheila

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