Easy Like A Sunday Morning. NOT!

So, it was Sunday morning here at the Burke house.  Sunday means football.  Football means yelling at the television.  Yelling at the television means disturbing my Zen.  Disturbing my Zen means I will get some cleaning done because that’s how I work out frustration.

Of course, you can substitute the game of football with any sport during any season.  (p.s. I live in Cleveland, so you can see my dilemma.)  My husband can take the quiet of any normal day and turn it into the most negative energy.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  I think about this every time he watches any game on t.v.  He will yell at the coaches, scream at the players, berate the play calling, and reinforce his belief that our team sucks.  One day I looked at him and said, “You know… every time you put those negative thoughts out there… you are pulling more negative to the situation.  Imagine all the people huddled around their televisions doing the same thing as you are at the same time… it’s NO WONDER our team loses all the time.  They have absolutely NO positive energy around them!  NONE!”

By now I am cleaning a toilet or polishing the stove top… and I get to thinking… apply this theory to a larger scale and you can see why the world experiences so much damn turmoil.  Let’s take the obvious first:  politics.  Don’t like the politician?  Berate him.  Call him a loser.  “He is the cause of everything.”  Instead of supporting those decision makers and throwing our confidence behind them, we choose to put more negativity out there.  Whether it’s a sports team or a leader of a country… when you’ve got millions of people out there concentrating on your failures, it’s not surprising when we reap what we have sewn.

Let’s look at the other side of this for a minute.  Let’s take September 11, 2001.  Do you remember the energy of that day?  That week?  That whole time frame?”  I do… it’s what gives me hope.  On that fateful morning we all learned what the power of thought can do.  We learned that we could pull together not only as cities and states, not even just as a country… but as THE WORLD… to have each others back… to share love and compassion… to use our thoughts and prayers to heal each other.   I can remember for weeks – strangers saying hello to one another on the street… people driving more calmly in traffic… and generally an overall sense of respect for each other.  We learned that as a whole, we could lift each other up and overcome incredible negative energy. In the years since, we’ve lost that.  Can you imagine if our love and compassion for all mankind had not withered?  Quite a thought.

I think at this point in time we all need to take a hard look at our thoughts and actions.  We need to be conscious that every single thought and prayer we put out there helps to mold the world. Every. Single. One. Instead of seeing what’s wrong or bad about something, let’s skip over that and find something right or good – and then build off that thought.  We CAN save our sports teams world, one husband citizen at a time!


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11 thoughts on “Easy Like A Sunday Morning. NOT!

  1. Vidya SuryNo Gravatar

    Oh yes, I totally identify with this. Loving the game is great, but the behavior knows no geographical boundaries, I can see. Indeed we are one world!

    :-) Another great, down-to-earth post, Sheila!.

    You know, my grandma said (how could I not mention this?) – “Whenever we say something, there’s a guardian angel sitting on our shoulder, listening, waiting to grant our wish. She is impartial and does not stop to think if it is positive or negative. So – think before you wish or speak, for you’ll get what you want” We totally believed this as kids, but later, understood the deeper advice there: Think positive.


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Vidya Sury,
    Wow, I love this stuff from your grandma! You should blog about the whole angel on the shoulder thing! That’s good!


  2. BetsyNo Gravatar

    Great post, Sheila! I will never forget that time in September 2011. I thought that we could change the world after that. The power of positive thought is the biggest secret that no one knows about. I believe!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    I do believe you are 100% correct Betsy!


  3. jannie funsterNo Gravatar

    It’s such a MAN-THING, I think. My hubby’s sport of choice is politics. But I can so relate to this post. The yelling at the tv. The negative vibes. The toilet cleaning, floor polishing and venetian blind dusting!

    Great point in this, Sheila. Thoughts and the words and action they give birth to and perpetuate DO matter.

    So glad we’re so enlightened, you and I — to bring these husbands up well. :)



    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @jannie funster,
    I know, lol! I bet you really get creative in the studio during election time, lol.


  4. DaisyDeadheadNo Gravatar

    Did you see the account of Justin Whitmire’s funeral on my blog? I loved that it became something positive, but it also made me wonder, why we always have to have the catalyst of tragedy (as on 9/11) before we finally get off our asses and do something good? Its heartening and yet… why can’t we make these things happen WITHOUT the threat of Westboro, know what I mean? Me and The Spouse had a very long conversation about that. I have to say, I really don’t know.

    Great post, as always!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thank you Daisy, and I just checked out your article. And the other two I missed this week. :o)

    Loved your account of Justin Whitmire’s funeral.


  5. Deb ChitwoodNo Gravatar

    I totally agree with you on the power of thought, Sheila! I’m lucky that while my husband likes to watch football, he’s unattached to it enough to just enjoy watching it whether the Broncos win or lose. (He actually seems to cheer on a number of teams and just appreciates it when players and teams play well.)

    I loved your thoughts about 9/11. It was amazing to see the difference in how people treated each other then. I hope you have a truly wonderful 2012 filled with lots of positive thoughts and positive energy! :)


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