Word of the Week: Mindful

Word of the Week:  Mindful

How many times do we pass by something (like this Lily) and think about how beautiful it is?  We are aware of the flower.  At the same time we are aware of it, we also have a bunch of other thoughts swirling through our mind.  Our thoughts flit in and out of our minds like fireflies in the darkness of night.  Appearing here and there for just a moment and then fading off.  We are aware of things and life around us, but generally we are not mindful.

Being mindful is the act of paying attention — on purpose.  Take a moment and involve your senses in your experience.  Feel the droplets of dew on the petals, smell the scent, hear the wind, see the vibrant color.  Sure you will still have those swirling thoughts coming in and out… but just bring your focus back.  When you let yourself experience life through mindfulness you are also learning to enjoy fully that which is around you… and you will train yourself to let those fleeting thoughts go (and not dwell upon them).

Practicing mindfulness  is a great way to reduce stress.

“Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the small uncaring ways.”
~ Stephen Vincent Benet

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Mindful

  1. Find Your HarmonyNo Gravatar

    Hi Sheila,
    So great to be back to your blog and words of wisdom! I have been caught up in “marathon mode” but now that I have crossed that goal off my list i am catching up with my favorite bloggers. This one I can relate to! I had to practice it so very much when I was running last weekend. But everyday things, like flowers, are easily missed and the it is SO important to be mindful, which breeds appreciation!
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Find Your Harmony,
    I am, and how funny, I was JUST at your blog. I just love that post up about the Pebble in the Shoe. *sigh*. Also looking forward to more music on there. :o)
    Glad you’re back!


  2. bluevioletNo Gravatar

    I think you kinda have to train your brain to stop and absorb what’s happening in the moment. It’s not easy to do either!


    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    It gets easier once you let all the other junk go. Once you feel that feeling, it’s also easier to come back too!


  3. Jannie FunsterNo Gravatar

    Guilty, as charged, on all the thoughts flitting in and out my mind. Silly worries sometimes.

    Thanks for upping my mindfulness today, and for the future in this lesson.

    And I appreciate the Benet quote, thank you, very meaningful to me. No more small and / or uncaring ways for me. All comes back to being mindful and enjoying the constant blessings we have.



    SheilaNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Jannie Funster,
    Have a great day, Jannie!


  4. SannahNo Gravatar

    Just came across your blog through serendipity is sweet, which was quite serendipitous (!) because I have been thinking ( and therefore blogging) about mindfulness this week. I know from previous experience so many of the wonderful benefits, so am trying to bring it back into my life, starting with mindful eating. Lovely to come across your blog.


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