Using nature to combat stress.

Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
– Cree Indian Prophecy

Learn to truly appreciate nature and combat stress at the same time.

Take a walk!  I know, it sounds simple but the next time you take a walk, try reaaaally paying attention to nature.   Listen to the birds singing a beautiful melody (and keep listening for his call to be returned by another bird).  Stop to look at beautiful flowers.  Really look at it close up where you can see the fine, fine detail.  Check out a leaf and study the veins bringing life to it.   Run your hand along the cracked bark of a tree.   Don’t dodge the spider web, instead look closely at the work that has been done.  Intricate weaving and natural artwork.  And, by all means, take the earbuds from your ears and turn off the Ipod.   Just enjoy the sights and sounds.  Listen to the birds, your feet hitting the pavement, a frog in the distance, a squirrel chattering.  Feel the breeze and the warm sunshine.

Enjoy the sunrise or sunset!  Take note of the beautiful colors whether vibrant or pastel.   Gaze at the clouds or stars.   Delight in the moon still in the morning sky or making it’s appearance at dusk.

Dance in the rain!  Listen to the soft drops or enjoy a pounding thunderstorm.

Plant a garden!  Whether it’s a big one, or small…in a container or in your yard…maintaining a garden is a beautiful stress buster and a cheap source of organic produce!

Get a fire pit!   As the heat of the day winds down, throw a few logs in and finish off your day around a beautiful glowing fire.  Sit back and look up at the shining stars, the moon and the black sky.  Let your mind go blank and merely enjoy the silence.

Feed the birds!  Create a space in your yard that will attract beauty every day.  Birds bring beauty to your ears and eyes.  Allow yourself to just listen and watch.   Hang a bird feeder and fill it with songbird seeds or a hummingbird feeder with sugar and water.   Planting a few plants that attract birds will not only guide them to your feeder but will bring additional beauty into your space.

Bring your yoga mat outside and enjoy the warmth and gentle breeze, or meditate outside!

Let the sun shine in!  In to your skin!  We need vitamin D to survive.  The best source is from good old fashioned natural sunshine!  Fifteen to twenty minutes daily in the sunshine will allow your body to make Vitamin D.

Home bound?  Can’t get outside?

Fill your house with real plants.  They help to naturally clean the air and they are beautiful to look at…and theraputic to tend.

Bring nature inside!  Fill a vase with small branches.   Fill a jar with pebbles and sand.   Place a flowering plant or cactus in each room.  Arrange pine cones in a wicker basket or sea shells in a bowl.

Listen to nature on a CD.  There are so many CD’s with the sounds of nature.  If you cannot go outside, get one of these and just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature from a CD.

Consider one of those water fountains for your home.  They are small and relatively inexpensive but can bring hours of stress reduction!  Turn off the radio or tv and just listen to the sound of running water.

NOTE:  Clicking on any of the pics in this post will take you to more in my collection…in my ‘zen gallery’.

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2 thoughts on “Using nature to combat stress.

  1. Lisa AnneNo Gravatar

    I love the pictures and the poem you have. It’s so true we don’t appreciate things until they are gone. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up more so I can plant in our backyard!


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