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Whispers of The Soul


Whispers of The Soul

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 8.5 x 8.5 Full color poster book

WHISPERS OF THE SOUL is the 5th title released by inspirational author Sheila M. Burke. Whispers is a full color poster book filled with the authors original photography and original quotes about the soul, soul mates, and soul connections.

Did you ever meet someone and become fast friends, where you feel as if you have known them your entire life, although you’ve only just met recently? I know those feelings well; I have them on occasion. I think they are leftover energies, imprints if you will, left upon the universe from times past. A wink and smile and perhaps a bond from another time that went deep. Coming full circle and finding you again in this lifetime.


When we experience these uncanny feelings of having known someone before, when relationships are experienced as heightened through each of our senses, when you feel as if you are being pulled or guided ~ these are the Whispers of The Soul.